Sexual Wellness In Women

Sexual Wellness in Women

Appalachian Rejuvenation offers natural regenerative therapy to help women regain confidence and sensation.

What causes sexual dysfunction in women?

There are many reasons why sexual dysfunction can emerge in women. Cases can develop from physical or psychological trauma, illnesses, stress or relationship issues that would require counseling or physical therapy to resolve. For physiological issues, however, low libido can arise through hormonal changes that occur with pregnancy or age. As estrogen levels drop during the body’s transitions towards menopause, older women may experience vaginal dryness or loss of sensitivity. These same symptoms can occur in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding as hormone changes can bring about fatigue and pressure. Loss of sensitivity is particularly impactful in sexual dysfunction as desire is restricted by the discomfort that women feel from losing sensation in their pelvic region.

How is female sexual dysfunction typically treated?

For issues related to communication skills or mental health, counseling is the default method of treatment. Cases linked to physical causes such as non-sexual illnesses or surgical procedures that impact libido would also be addressed by a specialist trained to manage such conditions.

For sexual dysfunction caused by physiological or hormonal imbalance, rudimentary methods of treatment include exercise and diet plans that promote a healthy lifestyle. Hormone therapy can be used to balance out estrogen levels through pills, patches, sprays or gels, but increasing estrogen alone might not be as effective for improving sexual function. Your doctor may prescribe medication to boost libido, but these can come with side effects that intensify fatigue, nausea and dizziness as well as lower blood pressure.

What can Appalachian Rejuvenation do for you?

Appalachian Rejuvenation offers a non-invasive solution for restoring libido through platelet-rich plasma. Also known as PRP, platelet-rich plasma is a concentrate that contains platelets and growth factors capable of signaling stem cells to tap into the body’s regenerative qualities.

By separating the plasma in your own blood, we can stimulate the body’s recovery process to respond as it did before sexual dysfunction. Once PRP is injected, new blood vessels and sensory cells are created to disperse throughout the body. These new cells then proliferate to generate more cells to boost the body’s healing qualities and enhance blood flow. The PRP therapy procedure is done quickly and may improve the body’s functions in a very short period of time.

What are the benefits of PRP treatment?

Through regenerative treatment, women experience a heightened degree of sensitivity that improves the body’s response to arousal. With natural lubrication and increased rates of arousal, women are less prone to experiencing vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, inadequate orgasms or loss of desire. These improvements can further help women regain confidence as they explore and rediscover the positive effects that a higher rate of libido has on their quality of life.

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