Without question, one of the most significant medical concerns facing men today is their sexual wellness. But it isn’t what you might presume it to be. No, in fact, so many aging issues are related to sexual wellness that an overall health and body approach to maintaining a balanced body structure has become critical in the maintenance of the male body due to advancing age. Sexual wellness is a crucial awareness that all men must have with themselves, and there are many treatments and therapies available to help stem the tide against undue aging-related health issues.

Starting with the issues related to younger men including stress, anxiety and poor lifestyle choices, the body reacts in unnatural ways to advance age early on. ED, otherwise known as erectile dysfunction, can come early as a result. Though not as serious in most cases in younger men, these same issues can have compounding effects in older men. ED treatments are simple out-patient procedures that anyone facing such issues is recommended to explore. ED treatments and the like are available to reduce and reverse the damage being done.

Erectile Dysfunction

In older men, ED manifests not as much through temporary stress and anxiety, but as a symptom of poor blood circulation due to corrosion and deterioration of the blood vessels related to the groin. Hormone imbalances can also be an issue, and many ED treatments focus on restoring the balance through hormone therapies.

There are situations where the ED diagnosis results in a mental state of disfunction, and these treatments pare with mental health counseling and behavioral changes to reverse the symptoms. Solutions that help to establish a healthier sexual wellness balance can take many paths, and as with any medical course of treatment, comes on an as-needed basis.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

For many, one solution has been the addition of PRP therapies, where platelet rich plasma from the patient is re-introduced directly into the affected area, providing a rejuvenation of the blood vessels that require rehabilitation. Such regenerative therapies allow a patient to heal using their own natural resources, with a minimal chance of rejection. PRO therapies are considered the primary treatment for vessel restructuring due to its anti-inflammatory properties and proven healing speeds.